Wood-fired or Electric Hot Tub

Hout gestookt of elektrische hottub

If you want to purchase a hot tub, you have the choice between an electric and wood-fired hot tub . Both options have their pros and cons. In this blog we take a closer look at the differences between these two types of hot tubs and give tips for making the right choice.

Electric Hot Tub

An electric hot tub is powered by an electric motor that pumps water through the jets and regulates the temperature of the water. Electric spas have a number of advantages over wood-fired hot tubs :

  1. Easy to use: Electric hot tubs are very easy to use. They heat up quickly and you can easily control the temperature with a digital thermostat. In addition, you do not have the hassle of adding logs and keeping up with the fire.

  2. Low maintenance: Electric hot tubs require little maintenance. You don't have to clean up ashes or clean the hot tub after every use. In addition, electric hot tubs are usually equipped with filters that keep the water clean.

  3. Less nuisance to neighbors: Electric hot tubs generally cause less nuisance to neighbors. There is no smoke and the engine is relatively quiet.

A disadvantage of an electric hot tub is that the purchase and use is considerably higher than a wood-fired hot tub. In addition, you should ask yourself whether it is not better to go for a jacuzzi, where you have much better massage jets. Jacuzzis are also more ergonomically shaped while the price difference is minimal.

Wood-fired Hot Tub

A wood-fired hot tub works on the basis of logs that are burned in a wood stove. The heat from the fire heats the water in the hot tub . Wood-fired hot tubs have a number of advantages over electric hot tubs :

  1. Environmentally friendly: Wood fired hot tubs are environmentally friendly as they do not use electricity. The wood you use is a renewable raw material and no CO2 is released when burned.

  2. Cozy atmosphere: A wood-fired hot tub creates a cozy atmosphere. The crackling fire and the smell of burning wood add an extra dimension to the spa experience.

  3. Higher water temperature: Wood fired hot tubs generally have a higher water temperature than electric spas. This is because the fire directly heats the water.

  4. Cheaper: The purchase price and use of a heated hot tub is considerably lower.
  5. Lifespan: A wood-fired hot tub has no moving or electronic components, so little can go wrong. A good hot-fired hot tub will last at least 20 years.

A disadvantage of wood-fired spas is that they can be a nuisance to neighbours. The smoke and smell of burning wood can be experienced as a nuisance. Below you will find a number of tips to limit the nuisance for the neighbors:

  1. The right place: Place the wood-fired spa at a sufficient distance from the neighbors and take into account the direction of the wind. This way you prevent the smoke and smell from blowing in the direction of the neighbors.

  2. Chimney: Use a tall chimney.

  3. Dry wood: Use only dry wood Use only dry wood to avoid excessive smoke.

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