Ontdek de perfecte spa voor jouw droommomenten

Ontdek de perfecte spa voor jouw droommomenten

Ontdek de perfecte spa voor thuis! Ontspan, geniet & creëer jouw eigen wellness oase. Diverse...
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IJsbad - koudetherapie

Embrace the cold for better health and well-being

Cold water therapy, also called ice bath therapy, is a safe and effective way to...
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full inverter warmtepomp
Full Inverter

How does a heat pump work

An inverter heat pump works in the same way as a traditional heat pump, but...
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2-Persoons Jacuzzi: Luxe Ontspanning

Jacuzzi for 2 Persons

A 2-person Jacuzzi is the perfect compact spa for couples seeking relaxation and intimacy. Ideal...
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Full Inverter

Advantages of a Heat Pump at a Spa

A heat pump offers various advantages for heating a jacuzzi. Using a heat pump is...
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stroomverbruik jacuzzi

Hot tub power consumption: energy costs & myths

This blog is about the lack of clarity about the energy costs of a hot...
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Hout gestookt of elektrische hottub

Wood-fired or Electric Hot Tub

If you want to purchase a spa, you have the choice between electric and wood-fired...
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Weldaad van een Jacuzzi in Eigen Tuin

The benefits of a jacuzzi in your own garden

A jacuzzi in your own garden can be a great addition to your well-being and...
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Jacuzzi kopen - 10 tips

10 points to consider when buying a jacuzzi

If you're looking for a hot tub, there are a few things to consider before...
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Stichting Webwinkelkeur

Finesse Wellness is affiliated with Stichting WebwinkelKeur

Finesse Wellness BV is affiliated with Stichting WebwinkelKeur. Since January 2023, Finesse Wellness BV has...
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spa in plaats van Jacuzzi

Why do we actually speak of a Spa instead of Jacuzzi?

Jacuzzi is a brand name that is widely known and often used as a synonym...
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Jacuzzi Tegen Vrieskou

Can a jacuzzi withstand freezing cold?

A jacuzzi is a popular product that many people enjoy, both indoors and outdoors. But...
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