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After a hard day's work, turn on the sauna and relax. Many preceded you to add this luxury to their garden. It is an asset to your garden, but more importantly your life. Once you are used to your own private wellness, you will never want anything else. Our outdoor saunas are of the highest quality and are produced in Europe.
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What is a Finnish Sauna?

A Finnish sauna is a type of sauna that uses the power of dry heat. Unlike steam baths, also known as wet saunas, moisture and steam play no role in a Finnish sauna. In fact, the humidity is usually kept around 5-20% and the temperature around 80-100ºC. This is what distinguishes the Finnish sauna from other baths and saunas such as:

- Tropical bath: temperatures average 50-75ºC with a humidity of about 20-40%.

- Bio sauna: it has an average temperature of about 50-60 ºC and a humidity of about 45-65%.

- Russian Sauna: Temperatures are slightly higher, ranging from 60-90ºC, with humidity around 60-70%.

- Steam bath: Here the temperatures barely reach 40-45ºC, although the humidity is better than the rest and is set at 100%.

Origin of Finnish saunas

The Finnish sauna originated in Northern Europe, especially in Finland, Sweden and Russia. It was originally designed to help combat the region's low winter temperatures, which are particularly frigid. Over time, however, it became a relaxing, therapeutic ritual for both body and mind, as well as a place to socialize, earning it a special place in Finnish culture.

How does a Finnish sauna work?

The Finnish sauna, like our FinesseSpa models, has two basic elements: the building and the heating.

- Structure: This type of sauna is made of wood. The spacious inner room is equipped with benches along the sides at different heights. The entire interior is finished with wood and the stove used to heat the sauna is usually in the middle. The floor is made of solid treated wood. The floor grill is made of thermo magnolia or thermo aspen wood.

- Heater: The heater raises the temperature in the sauna to a warm 80-100ºC. There are several heating options on the market. In general, the most popular heaters for Finnish saunas are electric: they heat the stones that radiate the heat in the sauna. These stones are the traditional way to heat this type of sauna. To that end, one of the most important features that determine the quality of a Finnish sauna is the material used. The use of high-quality materials that are weather resistant.

Other materials, such as stainless steel and glass, can also be processed in a Finnish sauna, with transparent panels that allow the user to look outside. This is a design that promotes a sense of well-being while creating a visually open space. In this type of Finnish sauna, the door is made of 8 mm thick transparent tempered glass.

In short, the Finnish sauna today represents a wellness area that can be adapted and adapted to individual tastes and needs, just like our FinesseSpa models.

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