Welcome to the ultimate luxury hot tub destination. Whether you're looking for a romantic bubble bath for two or a large Jacuzzi for the whole family, you'll find it all with us. In addition to relaxation, our Jacuzzis offer a range of health benefits, including reducing muscle tension, improving circulation and relieving stress and anxiety.

Our range consists of top brand hot tubs with several options to choose from, including different sizes, shapes, jets and added features such as lighting and music. In addition, we also have jacuzzis with different types of filters and heating systems to maintain the water quality.

Our experienced staff are always ready to help you find the perfect hot tub for your needs. Whether you have questions about size, features or maintenance, we're here to help.

And best of all, our hot tubs are affordable and high quality, so you get the luxury and relaxation you deserve without breaking the bank.

Choose your ideal jacuzzi today and enjoy the benefits of a spa in your own home. With us you are assured of quality, service and relaxation, everything you need for a perfect jacuzzi experience.

Platinum Spas

This brand is owned by Superior Wellness, a British company that produces high-quality spas that are very well equipped for a competitive price .

At Platinum Spas they use only the highest quality components, which is why they chose the world famous Balboa as our control system. Every Platinum Spas spa uses Balboa heaters, control panels and control unit. In addition, they use highly efficient insulation .

Service Icoon

Own Service Department

We have our own Service Department that professionally delivers and installs.

Keuze Icoon

Honest and Personal Advice

We take ample time for all our customers to provide you with information, show examples and answer questions.

Kwaliteits Icoon

Quality for a Good Price

We only sell quality and always look for a win-win situation with the customer.

Innovatie Icoon

Latest Models

We are always looking for new innovations on the market to deliver the right thing to our customers.


Wellis is the largest European manufacturer of spas. It started with a family business of a few people and we are now a globally known brand. The company is Europe's leading manufacturer of spas and are now known worldwide. Due to the large line of different models, there is always a suitable spa for you. Finesse Wellness is a Premium Wellis dealer and has various models in our showroom and warehouse, which means we can deliver quickly .

Customers say

"Fast and good service. Jacuzzi has been installed and delivered nicely. Thank you for your top product."

P Young

"Very good delivery and service, this company is highly recommended, honest people. The aftercare is perfect. Products always in stock, very satisfied."

R. Onstwedder

"Right service with a listening ear."

Harry Kroes

"Fine company, good service and very smooth delivery. Installed in the morning and able to bubble in the afternoon."

Renate Elhorst-Roons

"Excellent honest advice, take plenty of time. Everything in stock. Friendly assistance. Definitely recommended."


Wellis Pluto jacuzzi
Wellis Jupiter jacuzzi
Wellis Mars jacuzzi
Jacuzzi Kopen Platinum Spas Onyx

Finesse Spa

FinesseSpa has a wide range of quality products . We carry the jacuzzis, hot tubs and saunas.

The jacuzzis are of the highest quality, made with stainless steel frames and to keep energy costs low, they have thick insulation on the bottom, side panels and tub.

Everything is neatly finished and Gecko controllers, heaters and control panels are used for operation. Gecko is a Canadian brand that is the market leader together with Balboa.

The baths are built according to European quality requirements and are carefully subjected to extensive quality control .

Relax in luxury with a Jacuzzi: choose the perfect whirlpool for your needs

A Jacuzzi is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day of work, an intense workout or just to enjoy a luxurious experience. Whether you're looking for an intimate spa for two or a larger spa for the whole family, there's a perfect spa for everyone.

A jacuzzi not only offers relaxation, but also has many health benefits. The warm water and massage jets help reduce muscle tension and pain, improve circulation and relieve stress and anxiety.

When choosing a hot tub, there are many different options to consider. From the size and shape to the amount of jets and the added functions, such as lighting and music. There are also jacuzzis with different types of filters and heating systems to maintain the water quality.

With us you will find an extensive range of jacuzzis from top brands, with a range of options to choose from. Whether you're looking for a simple entry-level model or a luxurious bubble bath with all the bells and whistles, we've got it all. Our experienced staff are ready to help you find the perfect hot tub for your needs.

So if you're looking for a way to relax and enjoy the benefits of a Jacuzzi, you've come to the right place. View our extensive range and find your ideal jacuzzi today!


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