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Unfortunately, there is a lot of uncertainty about the energy costs of a hot tub. Because many people often purchase a jacuzzi or spa for the first time, many do not know what to look out for. In addition, people are often led astray when it comes to the daily costs in order to justify the higher jacuzzi price. Below you can read the facts and further on the fables, draw your own conclusion.

We can only use brands (Wellis, FinesseSpa and Platinum Spas) that we have experience with ourselves, so these calculations are based on that.



On average, you lose 3.8 degrees Celsius in heat in a spa. To make a calculation, let's assume that the heater (the heating element) of the hot tub consumes 3000 watts (3kW/h) per hour to heat the water. A heater only works if the water is circulated. This activates the circulation pump, which also takes current. An efficient pump takes 250 watts. We take a bath of 1250 liters as a starting point.

Suppose the 2.5 horsepower jet pumps consume 1900 watts (1.9kW/h) per hour when they are turned on.

Consumption based on use, not laboratory situations. You can measure by placing a spa in a heated room, keeping the cover closed, not using any jets, and turning off or minimizing circulation. Not really realistic and a measurement that you are not waiting for.

In the first few months people use their new hot tub every day, but let's skip that period and assume that you are used to the luxury and well-being by now, then you will use the hot tub on average 2 times a week, each time we turn on two pumps for an average of 45 minutes. You may be lying/sitting in it for longer, but on average you end up with 45 minutes per session and for the sake of convenience we assume that 2 pumps are used.

In addition, the circulation pump must run 4 hours a day (2 x 2 hours) to filter the water and this pump must also run when the heater is on as described earlier.

Using this information, we can calculate monthly energy costs. To do this, we must first calculate the daily power consumption.

The daily power consumption of the hot tub is as follows:
- Heater: 3 kW x 110 min (2 x 55 min) per day = 5.5 kWh per day
- Jet pumps: 1.9 kW x 45 min per day (1.9 x 45 minutes per time x 2 pumps x 2 times per week / 7 = kW per day) = 5.7kW per week / 7 = 0.81 kWh per day
- Circulation pump for Filtering: 0.25 kW x 4 (2x2) hours per day = 1 kWh per day
- Circulation pump for heating: 0.25 kW x 110 min per day = 458 Wh per day

This amounts to a total power consumption of:
- 7.7 kWh per day
- 54.5 kW per week
- 233.5 kW per month
- 2840 kW per year

With the flex rate in January 2023, we paid on average € 0.22 per kWh (incl. ODE and other energy taxes) ( EnergyZero ). Then the daily use of the hot tub costs about € 1.71 per day .

If we calculate this monthly , we arrive at €51.27 and €623 annually

Now we know that it has been a turbulent time on the energy market, we are currently paying little, some people are still unfavorable with their energy contract, or just favorable. As it looks now, energy costs are going to stabilize again, but everyone has a different situation. If you have solar panels, the weather will be something else. In the summer you will have a lower consumption due to less heat loss and in the winter a little more. The values ​​are based on an average.



Unfortunately, there are still many dealers who find it necessary to blacken products that they do not sell themselves in order to make their own products look better or to justify the higher price. A good example is American vs European vs Chinese spas . An American spa would be better than a Chinese one. It should be better insulated, consume less, etc. This has happened in the past, but let's be honest, your Apple Iphone is also made in China , right? If the product is made to Western standards and the quality control is in the hands of Western companies , then you can assume that it is not inferior to European or "American" products. The fact is that labor is cheaper in certain countries. Jacuzzi ® therefore has its products nowadays (for more than 10 years) also built in Mexico , because of cheaper personnel and they are not the only ones, Caldera, Hotspring, Sundance, Dimension One have also been produced in Mexico for years. Are these Mexican spas then? Finally, we do not want to say that all spas have a high quality, there is indeed a difference between them.

If you now look at the energy consumption, we can conclude that a European or Chinese spa certainly does not consume 4 times as much energy as people want to claim. In fact, some models are even more energy efficient than "American" spas, if you measure honestly . Do what you want with the calculation, we believe in honest information and the power of our own products.



Most people buy it for pleasure. People with muscle complaints benefit from it and that is a nice bonus. The use of a hot tub costs money, but it is also a luxury product. Whether the price tag suits you is something personal, we cannot judge that, only inform you well so that you can make a well-considered decision. Knowing more? Come by, the coffee is ready.

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