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The Importance of Spa Filters

Regular maintenance of your spa is essential to keep your spa running smoothly. To prevent problems or damage to your spa, your filter should be part of that regular maintenance plan and kept free of debris.

Why Clean Your Spa Filter?

Water quality and spa use are two major factors that affect how often you should clean your filter(s). The more you use your spa, the more often you need to clean your spa and filter.

Do not worry! It's not hard to keep your filter clean: just stick to a regular cleaning schedule throughout the year.

How often should your spa's filter be cleaned?


Weekly filter cleaning. Your filter should be flushed regularly, about once a week, depending on your spa's use and water quality. Do this with a garden hose or automatic filter cleaner (e.g. from Estelle )

Every 4 weeks

In general, the rule of thumb is to thoroughly clean your filter once every four weeks with a chemical filter cleaner to remove any deposits.

Seasonal filter cleaning

Ideally, you should change your spa water every three months. Take that time to thoroughly clean your filter by rinsing and soaking it in a solution of water and a filter-specific non-foaming cleaner .

Pro Tip:

A good idea is to always have extra filters on hand. By working with an extra filter or filter set, you can exchange the filter(s) every week. You clean the used ones and let them dry. Place the other clean set in the filter housing. The following week you do this the other way around. That way you always have an extra clean filter (set) at hand and you can use your set all year round.

How often should you replace your jacuzzi's filter?

On average, a filter lasts about 6 months. If you have an extra filter (set) as described above, you could use it for a whole year. This ensures that the performance and efficiency of the filter are not compromised. The filter is an essential part of your spa.

When should you replace your spa filter?

Apart from the 6-month advice period, it is best to replace your filter when:

- There are signs of wear

- Water does not (or not smoothly) flow through it

- Gets too dirty or overused

The main reason for this is that even if you don't use the tub much and there isn't much to filter out, water will still pass through the filter and it will break down over time. This makes it easier for particles and contaminants to pass through and into the pump. Pumps are more expensive than filters, so it is easier to replace the filter.

Good to know:

A dirty or overused filter can affect other parts of the spa system. This is another reason why it is important to replace it regularly to prevent possible costly damage to the internal mechanical parts of the spa. a poorly maintained or incorrect filter can affect the life of your spa pumps.

Finesse Wellness offers spa filters in different shapes and sizes. We mainly sell filters for spas that we sell or have sold ourselves.