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Buying the right jacuzzi ®

Buying a good jacuzzi is not just something and that is why we are happy to help you make the best choice. By asking the right questions, we can advise you in the right way and perhaps come to the conclusion that a different model suits your needs better than you initially thought. Our goal is to advise you as well as possible, so that you can enjoy your beautiful outdoor spa for years to come.

Jacuzzi ®, spa bath, outdoor spa, hot tub or just spa?

The history of the Jacuzzi began in 1915 when the Jacuzzi brothers developed a pump for agriculture. Later in the 1950s, the brothers started developing hydrotherapy pumps for the disabled. Their first prototype Jacuzzi, the J-300, was introduced in 1968. From the 1980s, the jacuzzi became popular as a luxury item for the garden or on the balcony. Nowadays, the jacuzzi can no longer be ignored in wellness centers and private homes. The Jacuzzi ® brand is still a well-known name in the world of hot tubs and spa baths.

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Why Finesse Wellness?

Whether you are looking for a jacuzzi, spa bath, hot tub or outdoor spa, we have it all. With us you are assured of quality and service. We have been able to help many customers and they rate us on average with a 9+, people think our service is good to excellent. Not our words, but those of our real customers. On the independent assessment site of the Webwinkelkeur we even get an average of 9.9! We owe this to our specialist knowledge, a good range, a beautiful showroom and experienced advisors.

Are you looking for the best jacuzzi for the right price? Then Finesse Wellness is the right place for you!

Comprehensive advice

Looking for a wonderful Jacuzzi ®? At Finesse Wellness you are at the right place. As a specialist in the field of jacuzzis, we offer a wide range of models and we have our showroom in Zwolle where you can view and test our jacuzzis in real life. Our experienced advisors are always ready to provide you with the best advice about the purchase, maintenance and installation of your jacuzzi.

Customers say

Janneke & Timen

Excellent delivery and installation

"Fine reception and good advice during our orientation. Subsequently an excellent delivery and installation of the jacuzzi, where the service and good cooperation were experienced as very pleasant. We are now going to enjoy it!"

R. Onstwedder

Gold Fair

“Very good delivery and service, this company is highly recommended, gold honest people. The aftercare is perfect. Products always in stock, super satisfied!”

Wellis Jupiter jacuzzi


Nice and enthusiastic help

“Super nice and enthusiastic help. Visited several places during the orientation, but the personal and involved approach was the deciding factor for us. Also the fact that the same people also took care of the assembly.”

FinesseSpa Adelaide jacuzzi

Renate Elhorst-Roons

Fine Company

“Great company, good service and very fast delivery. Placed in the morning and already able to bubble in the afternoon.”

Wellis Mars jacuzzi


Good feeling

"We had been looking for a spa for a while, already visited a number of companies, and finally found finesse wellness via the internet. We were well received and time was taken to explain everything. We were also well helped after purchase with the questions we had. Finesse wellness gave us a good feeling and they certainly delivered, if we want something else in the future, we will certainly return to finesse wellness."

Wellis Pluto jacuzzi


Top Service

"The men really know what they are talking about, very patient with good advice, top service!"

P Young

Fast and good

"Fast and good service. Jacuzzi has been installed and delivered nicely. Thank you for your top product."

Wellis Pluto jacuzzi

Frequently Asked Questions about Jacuzzis ®

Buying a Jacuzzi: What should I pay attention to?

Where should I place the jacuzzi?

Which Jacuzzi frame type is better?

What is the difference between a jacuzzi, hot tub or spa?

Is a Jacuzzi expensive to use?

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Keuze Icoon

Personal advice

Our Wellness Specialists help you make the right choice based on your wishes.

Kwaliteits Icoon

Expert Placement

Our own service department expertly places and installs your new purchase.

Innovatie Icoon

Service and Warranty

Service is high on the list and we always provide a suitable solution.

Showroom Finesse Wellness Zwolle

Showroom in Zwolle

Visit our 250m2 showroom in Zwolle ! The best outdoor spas in different shapes, sizes and price ranges, always the perfect jacuzzi for you! Personal advice, high quality , expertly placed and good service , that is what we stand for.

Finesse Wellness is Official Premium Dealer of Wellis, FinesseSpa and Platinum Spas . These brands are known for their quality and durability . Due to the variety, we have a choice of more than 40 Jacuzzi models , so there is always a suitable spa for you. We also have several wood-fired hot tubs . Slowly but surely more indoor and outdoor saunas are added. In short, the address for all your wellness needs. Our accessories and accessories can be ordered online. We can send these or you can pick them up in our showroom during our opening hours.

We are happy to welcome you at Rudolf Dieselstraat 1 in Zwolle on the Marslanden near the Karwei and Praxis.

We are open on Fri-Sat from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and on Sunday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM . We are available all week , including evenings, by appointment .

To be able to help you optimally, we advise you to make an appointment , but you can of course always walk in.